the flux density of the material rises

around the material, the flux density of the material rises. When the magnetic field is removed by stopping flow Cheap Ugg Boots Sale of the current, the flux density remains. This phenomenon is known as “permanent magnetism”. If the temperature of the material is raised above a critical value called the “Curie temperature”, the exchange coupling suddenly disappears and the material becomes simply “paramagnetic”. Paramagnetic materials do not exhibit the properties of permanent magnetism and their flux density is zero in the absence of an external field. At temperatures near but below the Curie temperature, the effect is only partial causing a permanent magnet to lose some of its retained flux density.

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U.S. Pat. No. 3,450,489 to Fay discloses a sterilization control means that includes a thermal responsive signal producing means enclosed within wrapped articles to be sterilized. The signal means produces and transmits a control signal from within the bundle which is used to control the sterilization operation to ensure thorough sterilization of the wrapped articles. Fay fails to teach or suggest any means for counting the number of cycles to which an instrument has been subjected nor does Fay teach or suggest any magnetic means to sense the number of autoclave cycles to which an instrument has been subjected.

U.S. Pat. No. 3,568,627 to Sellenger et al. discloses a combined record card and sterilization indicator including a portion of the record that changes colors to indicate that sterilization has taken place. Sellenger et al. fail to teach or suggest any magnetic means for counting the number of autoclave cycles to which an instrument has been subjected.

In the present invention, the sensor means employed uses either the Curie temperature or a temperature near but below the Curie temperature of a ferromagnetic material by first magnetizing the material and then, later, checking its flux density to determine whether a thermal cycle has occurred. As should be understood from the above Cheap Ugg Bailey Button Boots    explanation, if the magnetized material has been exposed to a temperature at or near the Curie temperature, the magnetic flux density will fall and this fact can be sensed through energization of a magnetic sensor. After sensing and recordation of an autoclave sterilization cycle, the magnetic material is re-magnetized so that it is ready to be used to sense the next sterilization cycle.

In the preferred embodiment, the magnetic material employed has a relatively low Curie temperature so that its Curie temperature is reached or approached within the normal range of operating temperatures of an autoclave. An example of such a material is Nd–Fe–B alloy.
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